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Ultra Moisturizing Cream

Ultra Moisturizing Cream
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A richly nourishing and soothing cream designed for optimal hydration.
Nutriance Organic Ultra Moisturizing Cream is a richly nourishing and soothing cream designed for optimal hydration of normal to dry skin types. With exclusive marine botanicals from brown, green and red seaweeds which deliver a host of protective nutrients vital to your skin’s defence systems. It extends the skin’s youthfulness by preserving the skin barrier integrity which can deteriorate as a result of harsh environmental factors and/or the normal ageing process.
Needs Fufilled
Why Moisturising Cream Products?
■ Moisturisers help nourish and hydrate the skin, protecting from the damaging effects of the environment.
■ Moisturisers help to prevent dehydration — skin that lacks sufficient water can become dry, itchy and flaky.
■ Dehydrated skin may also have a tendency to age more quickly.
■ Moisturisers help keep the skin soft and smooth.
The NeoLife Difference
■ Clinically tested and proven safe, well tolerated and effective under dermatological control in a leading European skin care clinic.
■ A single application of Nutriance Organic Ultra Moisturizing Cream was found to increase skin hydration in a highly significant manner after just 30 minutes. This effect continued for a full 24 hours, demonstrating that the product had a long-lasting moisturising effect.
■ Clinically proven to moisturise and nourish the skin.