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Tre is a bioactive nutritional essence created by the world’s most respected, experienced whole-food experts. Health enhancing ingredients blend with powerful antioxidants.
  • Not just juice, Tre is a bioactive nutritional essence—a pure blend of three of nature’s most potent, health-enhancing ingredients: Pomegranate, Acai berry, and Green Tea.
  • These phytonutrient-rich Super Fruits join forces with Inflox, an exclusive proprietary blend of deep, dark berries—blueberry, elder berry, bilberry, cranberry, black currant, and red and white grapes.
  • This unique blend is further enhanced with two powerful, antioxidants: resveratrol and alphalipoic acid.
  • Tre provides nutrients that can help supporting the body’s natural ability to fight: inflammation and oxidation.
  • A potent essence of nature, based on a solid foundation of science, Tre represents the next frontier in the pursuit of health and vitality.