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Super 10

Super 10
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Removes even the most stubborn dirt, from the kitchen, lounge and even the driveway
  • GNLD’s most powerful cleaning product, industrial strength Super 10, with the same strength as an industrial cleaning product, penetrates, dissolves and emulsifies even the toughest grit and grime. It’s perfect for industrial use, yet safe in the home. Super 10 makes all your cleaning chores easier. You’ll love the way it penetrates grease and stains, wipes out fingerprints, black heel marks, and soapy residue on tiles and grouting. You choose the strength you need for each cleaning task. It’s powerful cleaning for just pennies per use.
  • Versatile. Designed to remove all types of dirt from most surfaces.
  • Concentrated. Only a small amount is required, meaning less environmental impact.
  • Triple-active Composition that penetrates, dissolves and emulsifies.
  • Super 10 has enjoyed over 30 years of success in European households.
  • Extra course cleaning: Mix 1:3 – one part Super 10 and three parts water for spray bottle use.
  • Bloodstains
  • Moisten the stain with cold water. Spray it with Super 10. Rub it gently and let Super 10 absorb a few minutes. Wash as usual.
  • Ovens and grills
  • Heat the oven to maximum 50 degrees. Spray the oven with a concentrated jet and close the oven door. If the fluid evaporates (as a result of the temperature rising above 50 degrees) spray again until the oven walls remain wet. Let Super 10 work for 5 minutes. Spray again. Let Super 10 work for another 15 minutes. Wipe the oven off with a course, moist rag.
  • Engines
  • Warm the engine up and turn it off, spray the whole engine with Super 10 and let Super 10 work for 5 minutes. Spray again, wait 15 minutes and rinse with water under high pressure. Note: Avoid getting electrical parts wet.
  • Tools and machines
  • Spray Super 10 and let it work a couple of minutes. Rinse and wipe clean.
  • Chrome
  • Spray Super 10, rub with a sponge or brush and rinse gently with water. Wipe the chrome with a towel or skin to get a shiny spotless surface.
  • Stains from rubbing
  • Use Super 10 and a brush to get rid of stains that emerge from rubbing.
  • Normal cleaning: Mix 1:10 – one part Super 10 and ten parts water for spray bottle use.
  • For cleaning of:
  • - Kitchen- and bathroom surfaces as walls, tiles, cupboards etc.
  • - Suitcases, combs and brushes.
  • - Plastic material and vinyl.
  • Remember to:
  • When cleaning, for example old painted cupboards make a test on a smaller surface on the inside of the door. Wash down and up; don’t let the solution run over the surface.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for varnished or unvarnished wooden cupboard doors. Even varnished surfaces can be sensitive to water as certain varnish “breath” and can let moisture through.
  • Board seam
  • Spray. Let Super 10 work a couple of minutes to make the cleaning easier. Use thereafter a small toothbrush or other suitable brush to clean with.
  • Ink stains
  • Spray and let Super 10 sink in and absorb the ink. Note! Certain types of ink contains colour that is permanent and can not be removed. Super 10 can thus not remove stamp- or printer’s ink.
  • Carpet (and furniture upholstery and fabric)
  • Important: Check the colour consistency before you begin. Mix Super 10 with distilled water to avoid water stains. On new stains you should try and absorb as much as possible on a clean rag one or a couple of times. Spray lightly with Super 10. Wait 2-3 minutes until the stain has been absorbed. Soak up with a soft rag. Spray once more if necessary. Rub with a soft rag. Spray once again if necessary. Rub with your fingers or with a brush on difficult stains. If the stains are very hard to get rid of you might need to repeat the procedure again. Let the material dry and then vacuum. DO NOT DRENCH THE MATERIAL with Super 10.
  • Note! Only use Super 10 to remove smaller stains. Always find out what the stain consists of and if Super 10 can remove it.
  • Floors
  • Linoleum, cork, rubber, wood, tiles and vinyl. Use 1-3 caps of concentrated Super 10 with 4 litres hot water depending on how dirty the floor is. Clean the floor with a rag or a mop. Wipe dry with a moist rag. Rinse with warm water.
  • Stains on clothes
  • Important: Check the colour consistency and the garments washing instructions before you begin! Gets rid of stains from fruit, coffee, tea, make-up and grease on clothes, as well as dirt on shirt collars. Spray and let Super 10 work for 15–20 minutes, then machine wash. Use a stronger mix for persistent stains.
  • Note! Do not use Super 10 as a shampoo when washing the car. Super 10 can be used to clean the rims, foot panels, the hood etc.
  • General cleaning and freshen up
  • Get rid off the marks from rubbing, fingerprints and light film on practically all sorts of surfaces. Makes chrome shine, gives porcelain a new lustre, the light fittings looks shiny and clean just like the sockets, door frames and knobs and everything else that look soiled. Spray, count to 10 and then just wipe it off.
  • Specific characteristics:
  • - Industrial strength, but still safe for you and your home – do not harm surfaces on which you can not use water.
  • - 3-three step function – penetrates, dissolves and absorbs.
  • - Concentrated – only a small amount is enough.
  • - Easy to rinse – do not leave any sticky leftovers.
  • - Not inflammable – safe close to heat and open fire.