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Concentrated and economical. It has a fresh fragrance and facilitates ironing.
  • People of today want clothes that are not only clean but also that they are soft to feel and touch and that they have a fresh smell. GNLD Soft offers a convenient and effective way to give washed clothing and textiles the fresh soft feel and smell that you desire. But it does not only make the laundry soft, it leaves it free from annoying static electricity which makes it easier to iron. GNLD Soft comes in the form of liquid and can easily be added to the ringside in any modern washing machine or to the laundry you wash by hand.
  • Concentrated. Only a small amount is required.
  • Pleasant, fresh fragrance. Leaves washing soft and fragrant.
  • Facilitates ironing. Eliminates static electricity.
  • Versatile. Suitable for both machine and hand washing.
  • Specially designed to interact with G1 laundry.
  • Machine Wash
  • Add GNLD Soft to the last rinse and it should be used according to the instructions on the bottle. 1 part of GNLD Soft mixed with two parts of water is dosed for:
  • 3-4 kg machine, three capfuls
  • 5-6 kg machine, six capfuls
  • GNLD Soft Concentrated is dosed for:
  • 3-4 kg machine, one capfuls
  • 5-6 kg machine, two capfuls
  • Handwash
  • Add to 10 litres of water in the last rinse:
  • Two capfuls of mixed GNLD Soft or
  • One capful concentrated GNLD Soft.
  • Carpet Antistatic
  • Pour a few drops of concentrated GNLD Soft into a hand spray-bottle (1/2 litre) and fill with water. Adjust the spray gun so that it gives a fine jet. Do not soak the carpet. Several light sprays is better than a heavy one.