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Pro Vitality +

Pro Vitality +
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With the convenience of Pro Vitality on-the-go packets, good nutrition can be habit forming
Whole food nutrition has never been so convenient…

With the convenience of Pro Vitality on-the-go packets, good nutrition can be habit forming. Studies show that to make an action an ongoing habit, it takes two weeks of daily repetition. You already know the importance of good daily nutrition, but sometimes it’s hard to start a new program. That’s why we created Pro Vitality with convenient, easy-to-carry individual packets that make good nutrition a simple, easy-to-follow daily action. Why not try it every day for two weeks and make good health a habit?

Convenient. Easy. Essential

• Keep a Pack on your kitchen counter so your whole family can reach for healthy nutrition at every meal.
• Toss a pack in your purse or briefcase for whole food nutrition on-the-go.
• Pack some packets with you when you travel to maintain good nutrition throughout your trip.
• Bring a pack to work to keep at your desk so good nutrition is always at hand
Putting the balance back into your diet.

With Pro Vitality, you can put the balance back into your diet, your health and your vitality. Each convenient packet supports:
• Abundant Energy
• Powerful antioxidant protection
• Immune strength
• Youthful skin, hair and nails
• Cellular health

Good nutrition—and good health—begin at the cellular level.
The three supplements in Pro Vitality support optimal cellular health in three essential ways:

Tre-en-en® Grain Concentrates
Feed your cells
If we are what we eat, a crucial part of us is missing. As part of food processing, essential nutrients called lipids and sterols have been stripped from our food supply. Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates is the world’s first whole grain lipids and sterols supplement that feeds the cells for a proven increase in energy and vitality. It optimizes cellular membrane function, making it easier for high-energy nutrients to get in and waste to get out. When your cells are well fed, you’ll feel better and have more get up and go.

Carotenoid Complex
Protect your cells
Once again, it’s Mother Nature to the rescue. Using the same phytonutrients that fruits and vegetables produce for their own protection, Carotenoid Complex is clinically proven by USDA researchers to defend your cells and can strengthen your immune power. Carotenoid Complex provides the power of 15 different carotenoids from whole foods such as carrots, red bell peppers, tomatoes, spinach, apricots, strawberries and peaches. Human clinical tests prove that its patented formula is completely bioavailable, ensuring it’s easily and efficiently absorbed for maximum cell protection.

Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus
Balance and regulate your cells
Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus is the world’s first complete fish oil supplement with guaranteed potency of all eight omega-3s from fish. It can be beneficial for the heart and you don’t need to be worried about unsafe contaminants like mercury and lead. Our fish oil sources are screened for more than 160 potential contaminants with an allowable detection limit of zero!

Essential Vitamin and Mineral Complex
The nutritional legacy of Formula IV® in the Essential Vitamin and Mineral Complex, help turn our wellness pyramid right side up by enhancing energy, optimizing immunity, maximizing good health, and
nourishing the cells.