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Lemon Glo - unavailable

Lemon Glo - unavailable
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Concentrated and economical,. It cleans, protects and shines as well as containing real lemon oil.
  • GNLD Lemon Glo furniture polish is a water-based polish that contains a mild cleanser to remove soils, natural oils to provide lustre and shine, and a modern acrylic polish to preserve and protect the finish of the furniture. Each of these three factors, work alone and in conjunction with the others to deliver high quality performance. The cleansing system provides a dual function in this formula. When the formula is made, the system acts as an emulsifier for oils and forms an oil in water emulsion. When the product is used on furniture, the emulsion is broken. The cleaner can now penetrate any soil on the surface, so that the soil can easily be wiped off when the emulsion is broken and spread evenly on the surface of the furniture along with the polish.
  • 3-phase system. Cleans, protects and keeps furniture shiny.
  • Water-repellent. Increases the normal water-repellent properties of treated wood.
  • Concentrated. Only a small amount is required.
  • Alcohol-free. Non-flammable.
  • Contains real lemon oil. Leaves a fresh fragrance.
  • Lemon Glo cleans and protects furniture, wood, painted surfaces, plastic material and metal surfaces. Lemon Glo is concentrated so you only need a small amount directly onto the surface or on a dry or damp cloth. Distribute evenly over the whole surface. Let it dry for a few minutes and then polish with a soft, dry material. Shake before use.
  • When using on wood with a varying absorption degree or if the surface is unevenly worn, for instance old furniture, Lemon Glo should first be applied to a non-conspicuous part.
  • Always use a small amount at a time on small surfaces.