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Highly effective yet gentle on your hands as it contains coconut oil. Removes dirt from dishes, lingerie and even good to bath in!
  • LDC is a pleasant smelling liquid washing detergent, which is strong enough to tackle the worst pots and pans, but yet mildly enough to use for more sensitive washing up. LDC gives a shine to dishes and glasses without leaving any streaks. The foam is so rich that it lasts all the way through to the pots and pans. It is also an efficient washing detergent for more sensitive underwear and knitted clothes that becomes soft and smells nice.
  • LDC is of course most effective in warm water, but work also perfectly in cold water and even salt water. LDC is for that reason very practical to bring along to the camping holiday or other occasions when you do not have access to hot water.
  • Versatile. Can be diluted to various concentrations for different tasks.
  • Neutral pH. Gentle on the skin.
  • Rinses out thoroughly. Excellent rinsing capacity ensures that no traces are left on your dishes.
  • Suitable for hand washing. Cleans clothes and leaves them fresh and soft.
  • Ideal as hand soap.
  • Economical. Can be diluted with water depending on your needs.
  • Hand washing:
  • Mix one part LDC with up to five parts water in the mixing bottle. Pour water up with a strong jet and spray a couple of times so you see plenty of lather forming. This mixture removes all sorts of dirt from the dishes. Let the dishes run off and dry in the plate rack. Dishes that are heavily dirty, like pots and pans should first be soaked in the solution. Note! If the dishes are ingrained a mixture of one part LDC and four parts water is recommended.
  • Camping:
  • Suitable for doing the dishes as well as washing clothes and hands in cold water.
  • Removal of wallpaper:
  • Mix 3–4 caps of concentrated LDC in approximately 6 litres warm water. Use a sponge or soft brush to get it on the wallpaper. Let it soak for a couple of minutes and thereafter put some more of the mixture on the dry spots. It is the water that dissolves the old wallpapers, but LDC is needed for the water to go right through to the old glue and soften it up. 2–3 applications with 5 minutes in between dissolves most wallpapers. Pull off the old wallpaper, remove stubborn remainders with the help of the LDC-solution and a wide putty knife.
  • Rinse the wall off thoroughly before it gets repainted or new wallpaper is put up.
  • Liquid hand soap:
  • Fill the container with a mixture of one part LDC and five parts water. Cleans effectively but at the same time gentle. It is especially good in locations with hard water. LDC can be used as liquid hand soap straight from the mixing bottle, mixture 1:5. First rinse your hands, pour a couple of drops and rub until it lathers. Rinse.
  • Hand-washing delicate fabrics:
  • For delicate washing from nylon, rayon, cotton, polyester and other synthetic fibres like lycra and lastex (note: no silk), mix 1 cap of concentrated LDC in water. Work up lather. Wet the clothing properly. Wash carefully. Wring them dry.
  • Light cleaning:
  • For cleaning of tiles, bathtubs and other bathroom surfaces a LDC-mixture of 1:5 is used.