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GR2 Control Starter Kit - discontinued

GR2 Control Starter Kit - discontinued
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  • GR2 Control Meal Replacement Protein Shake, meal replacement for weight control
  • The delicious protein shake contains much protein and little carbohydrates and can replace any meal of the day. It effectively regulates the body’s glycemic response mechanism and gives you the nutrition your body needs to work optimal.
  • The protein shake is available in two fantastic flavours, chocolate and vanilla. Mix one sachet with 240 ml cold milk (semi-skimmed or skimmed).
  • GR2 Control Fiber Supplement
  • Creates a natural feeling of being full with less food and calories.
  • GNLD’s GR2 Control Herbal Complex
  • is an effective blend of seven herbs to support your body’s natural metabolic process of energy utilization without the use of potentially harmful stimulants.
  • GR2 Control Success Guide. A guide easy to read and understand. You learn how the whole program works and how it can help you reach your targets.
  • Weight Loss Tracker. Make a note of your daily consumption of food, your progress during the week, challenges and success in this little pocket-sized diary. Quotations that will give you inspiration helps you to keep your motivation on top.
  • Enjoy/Avoid Booklet. This pocket-sized booklet helps you quickly and easily look up what food you may enjoy and which to avoid.
  • Shaker. A functional shaker, easy to use and to keep clean. Convenient to bring and thus be able to mix and drink the protein shake wherever you are.
  • Measuring Tape. Take your measures! Measure with the measuring tape and write down your measures in your ”Weight Loss Tracker” and keep track of how you ”disappear” inch by inch.
  • See individual product listings for ingredient, nutritional,
  • and other information
  • See individual product listings for ingredient, nutritional, and other information