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Aloe Vera Plus

Aloe Vera Plus
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100%pure drink. Extracted from the leaves of the aloe vera plant. It also contains gingseng and chamomile.
  • Used worldwide in natural beverages and traditional remedies, the soothing Ale vera plant has been employed–both topically and internally–for about 4,000 years to support health and vitality. Research is beginning to validate many traditional uses of this succulent plant. GNLD´s refreshing Aloe Vera Plus features pure Aloe vera juice and GNLD´s special herbal tea blend (black tea, ginseng, chamomile and lemon). A ”glycemic edge” beverage, Aloe Vera Plus is a delicious, natural way to give energy so you can best meet the challenge of your day.
  • Aloe Barbadensis, grown in the USA. The aloe vera gel in this drink is made from the finest of all aloe vera varieties.
  • Flavoured with a special blend of herbs. Aloe Vera Plus has a fresh flavour of camomile, lemon and ginseng. This blend of herbal teas has the sole function of providing a fresh flavour.
  • Sweetened with fructose, a monosaccharide with special sweetening properties, for a delicious flavour.
  • Aloin-free. The aloe vera gel contains no aloin.
  • Recommended dosage - 50 - 100ml daily. Once opened - keep refrigerated.