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Weight Loss

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A delicious and convenient shake to help satisfy hunger while giving you lasting vitality. For daily nutrition and weight management.
Size:    (15 sachets)
Price:   £29.30
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An energizing herbal tea blend for a delicious and refreshing boost of energy.
Size:    (15 Bars)
Price:   £40.20
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A snack bar that will satisfy your hunger for hours. Enjoy this delicious and nutritious blend of soy crisps, rolled oats, dried fruits, mixed nuts and seeds.
Size:    (120 tablets)
Price:   £39.70
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Whether it’s to be more toned, have more energy or become physically stronger, a well-functioning metabolism is key to efficient muscle building and recovery from sport or a busy daily routine.
Size:    (60 capsules)
Price:   £30.90
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100% whole food base. Provides equal quantities of 5 types of beneficial lactic acid forming bacteria.